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The Curriculum of Moonyewon Glopia
Moonyewon Glopia is operated with the system shown below.
Moonyewon Glopia
Korean Literary Composition R&D Institute for Juvenile
Glo-i (Toddlers)
Glofirm (Elementary School Students)
Trivium (Middle School Students)
Glovis (Reading and essay writing through using various medias)
Bundang Moonyewon Glopia Campus
The goal of Moonyewon Glopia
Moonyewon Glopia guides children and teenagers to become exemplary and outstanding students at school and well-rounded citizens society. In addition, we guide them to apply their creative thinking power and wisdom for living.
The Education Project of Moonyewon Glopia
Respectable experts and researchers who have majored, or gained considerable accomplishments, in the field of Korean literature and education of children, have continually developed a systematic and professional curriculum and method of teaching.
Our teachers are recruited through a careful process, and hired after extensive observation. They are highly qualified teachers who dedicate their time and devotion to teaching and guiding students.
The Education Program of Moonyewon Glopia
Reading material, such as Korean and foreign literature, history, social-studies, science, and philosophy, are used as a base from which students learn. Ranging over various subjects, students take logical debating classes, and write integrated essays. In addition, to coincide with the information-age, Moonyewon Glopia uses various kinds of media and audio-visual materials in class
In an especially globalized world it is imperative that students learn to draw their inner creativity. With a highly advanced reading, debating, and writing educational system, Moonyewon Glopia will make its utmost endeavor in guiding students to adapt to the new millennium.